Preventing Medical Bag Leakage with RF Welding

Radio frequency welding is a service that many businesses use in the construction of their equipment or products. One of the most important industries to utilize this sealing technique is the medical industry, which has used this sealing method to form watertight and airtight seals for medical bags, including IV feed bags.

The Hazards of Leakage

When medical bags fail to contain IV fluid, medicine, or medical waste in waste bags, it can result in a potentially serious medical emergency, particularly if medical staff remain unaware of the leakage for an extended period of time. Because of this, it is crucial for the material to resist damage caused by tearing, pressure and other factors that might cause leakage.

Keeping Fluid Contained & Uncontaminated


The seal that RF welding creates is as strong as or even stronger than the original materials used. This helps prevent leakage and contamination of fluids within medical bags such as inflatable air bladders, colostomy pouches, drainage bags and more.


When medical bags are manipulated frequently, it could cause the material to wear or tear, but with an RF welded bond, the material is strong enough to last even after heavy use. This is why this sealing method is important in the construction of many plastic medical products.

Without this bonding technique, many medical products might be more susceptible to leakage. Recently, a supply of IV solution storage bags was suspected of leakage and recalled. Fortunately, the supply problem was determined to have been caused not by faulty manufacturing (which involved RF welding) or tears resulting from heavy use, but rather harsh cold weather during the winter months and the subsequent flu season, resulting in higher demands.

Radio frequency welding continues to serve as the primary method of sealing for medical bags, and it’s easy to see why.